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The Dance School with a Difference!


What a pleasure it is to invite you to be a part of our 2016-2017 dance season! Please allow me to tell you a little bit about us. After 20 years of teaching in the mainstream dance industry, several years ago, I reached a point of concern not only as a dance teacher, but primarily as a mother. I felt conflicted as the messages in music, costumes and movements contradicted my beliefs as a Christian. In addition , it also disturbed me to see so many children basing their self worth on trophies and prizes instead of on who they were in the eyes of God. I felt compelled to make a difference and RHYTHM GENERATIONS was born.

Why Choose Rhythm Generations?

We are a Christian dance studio birthed from the desire to create a safe harbour where parents can bring their children and be confident that they will recieve formal dance training in an environment that enhances their walk with God. We develop the dancer as a whole, giving practical and realistic structure to dance instruction without losing sight of the joy of dance. Bringing the presence of God into the world and world into the presence of God.

JoAnne Gadula

JoAnne Gadula, the founder of Rhythm Generations,  has taught for over 35 years.  She studied under the direction Of Diane Brisson of St. Catharines, Micheal Valentic of Williamsville New York, Beverly Fletcher of Niagara Falls New York and tested under Brian Foley of Toronto.  JoAnne has resided in St. Catharines all of her life.  She is a Wife & Mother of 4 grown children and a Grandmother of 4 and the beautiful blessing of another on the way.

Alexandria Anger

Alexandria has danced for 27 years.  She is a well experienced dancer in tap, jazz and lyrical ballet.  She has performed in many events and outreaches, including charity events.  Alexandria's main influence is in hip hop.  She has a great love of children and dance.  Alexandria is happily married to Evan and adores her son Davyn and their soon to be new addition in December.  

Amanda Morrissette

Amanda Morrissette studied with Kings Co. Ballet in MD, USA from the age of 9. She graduated with honours from COAS dance program and has performed and taught across Canada, the USA, and even Asia.  This will be  Amanda's 10th season at Rhythm Generations. She loves sharing the joy of dance with each student. Amanda lives in St Catharines with her husband, Nathan and their 2 sons, Ethan and Benjamin.

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